News from the team

Meet our new business partner: Leslie Collon

Young, energetic and full of life and ideas, Leslie started her career at MaX in 2019. On January 1st, she signed up for new adventures as our newest managing partner. 

To quote her: 

“We all have resolutions and dreams... mine came true! 

I feel so honoured to have become a managing partner at MaX. I couldn’t wish for a better start in 2023 !!!

I'm so ready for new challenges together with my 2 mentors, Tina Joris & Pascale Godyns! I feel so lucky to have found you both, that we get to learn from each other and grow together.”

We are very happy to have this talented, hard working lady on board!

Fresh vibes, new energy and creative ideas will take MaX to the next level.

Not to forget her big smiles and eagerness to always deliver more and better.


We are also teaming up again with our former travel stay tuned! 


2023 : Here we come !