You invest time, energy and resources in organising a meeting, incentive, congress or event.
But who guarantees a full and lasting return?

MaX offers you a wide range of activities and formulas, all sprouting from one of the approaches below. They all serve one common purpose: touching people, bringing about a change within them in order to yield a maximum effect in establishing your goal.

MaX believes in people inspiring people. People with a story to tell, with a unique view of the world, people with a passion. People from various fields and origins.
MaX helps you find inspiring people for your people.

People long to make their own choices, as this implies freedom, independence and responsibility. He who chooses, determines which path is to be followed. The ability to choose turns people into accountable, valued and enthusiastic individuals.
MaX makes people directors of their own experience.

Emotions unite, much more than culture, politics or religion. Feelings are universal. They emphasize what people have in common and forge a firm bond between individuals. MaX wants people to undergo, feel and experience, both individually and collectively. Because after all, experience intensifies when shared with others.
MaX’ purpose is to touch people, to stir and to stimulate, to prompt and to propel them as individuals, but also as a group.

Any cooperation implies a valued, authentic and reliable communication mode. Therefore, broadmindedness, truthfulness and trustworthiness are imperative.
MaX offers your people authentic experiences while emphasizing your company’s reliable image. And on top of that, MaX seeks to establish authentic, transparent and sincere customer relations.

In our world of information overflow, targets and deadlines, speed is key. No wonder people feel a strong need to slow down. Not so much to go more slowly, but to focus on quality, rather than on quantity. Taking a breather now and then will result in more and better results.
MaX offers your people quality time. A MaX event is a time-out from the ratrace, a chance to recharge and bond with others. A thoroughly striking experience which will spark their creativity and boost their output.

Humour makes life bearable, even pleasant. Humour relaxes, puts into perspective, joins and heals.
MaX puts a smile on your and your people’s faces.

We aren’t loners. Internet and mass communication bring the world to our doorstep. Therefore we cannot choose to remain indifferent to the needs of others and those of our planet. We are part of a larger entity, which comes with responsibility, on whatever scale, in whatever form.
MaX helps you find a CSR-project you and your people will want to endorse.

MaX supports Projects for Africa

Projects for Africa is an association without lucrative purpose that wants to contribute to the realization of the Millennium goals of the United Nations on development in Africa by implementing short and long term projects that enable the local population to work on their welfare.

What unites us is more powerful than what drives us apart. Whatever our age, gender, origin or language, and whatever our religion, skin color or even our position on the company totem pole, more than anything else, we are all human beings. And we can always find a common cause to defend. That’s where MaX comes in: at MaX, we like to bring together and connect what the day-to-day business of the company tends to push aside.