Highest meeting spot in Europe

On the top of the mountain

Standing 1.560 meters above sea level, Davos is Europe’s highest city. With its ultramodern facilities amidst the spectacular views of the mountains, where nature meets comfort, where business meets adventure. So why not select this Swiss resort as your next destination?

From the world famous Hard Rock Hotel, to the lavish Grischa and the luxurious AlpenGold hotel (see above), Davos offers nothing but excellent hospitality choices.

Davos aims to be the number one eco-friendly city of Switzerland by 2030. Imagine hosting meetings in the morning followed by outdoor activities in the afternoon. 

You can do anything you normally would on a winter vacation : skiing, walking with snow rackets and even building igloos. You actually can take a seat in one of these temporary igloos on the slopes of Davos. The most adventurous ones can even have a sleepover. But most people settle for an amazing cheese fondue. Which, by the way, will probably be the best you would have ever tasted. Top it off with some nice wine, good music and the party has started!