Feel-good moments with music

Find your rythm

Music works its magic every time and it never ceases to continue its enchanting spell...

Be it a DJ spinning tunes on a catamaran in Cape Town or a choir uplifting spirits in St. Petersburg. A flash mob adding rhythm in Naples. Or even a flute player creating melodies in the Tunisian desert and making music together in Portugal… - music can be so powerful, it’s truly remarkable! It has the ability to connect people and to touch us deep into our souls; music works as a universal language, one that brings about that feel-good vibe!

And that’s exactly what happened last September to Tina, when she found herself in Jordan while engaging in one of the many program's highlights. The event featured a piano player in the middle of nowhere, right in the heart of the Wadi Rum desert. Once arrived, after a lively and entertaining jeep drive, a quiet stillness embraced the guests. As they heard the enchanting music, the magical moment unfolded… Emotions ran high, setting off a burst of activity for the cameras! A truly unforgettable experience to cherish forever.