Cool desert spot

Imagine a cool spot in the middle of the hot desert

Let’s go to another part of the world. Ever been to Abu Dhabi? Are you already picturing its scorching hot sun and sizzling sand? Think again!

Imagine a refreshing breeze cutting through the heat, blowing down the streets and flowing through your hair… in the heart of the desert. Believe it or not, all of this is possible in the smart-city of Masdar! Thanks to the orientation of the buildings, the curved walls, the low-carbon construction materials, and even the length of the streets that have a significant impact on the city’s outdoor thermal comfort. Each and every detail has been studied to design the world's first "zero-carbon" and "zero-waste" city!

Masdar City is a pioneer in sustainability and a hub for research and development, shaping a greener, more sustainable urban living. The city’s Free Zone is home to start-ups, SMEs and multinationals covering a wide range of industries. While the residential neighborhood accommodates restaurants, shops, and public green spaces.

This is a must-do for leisure time that we’ve had the honor to present during an international congress. It was a perfect introduction on the Green Business topic and for many unique à la carte activities.

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