New sustainable venue in the picture

We love to discover new venues for you! Last week we organized an event at the amazing eco-friendly YOUR NATURE park.

Their core values and vision are fueled by an intrinsic respect for nature, and so are ours. It is a great place to reconnect with your teams and with nature. It’s easily accessible, unique, different and kind to the environment.

Their cozy lodgings were imagined, designed and installed in harmony with the existing ecosystem. No trees were cut, there was no excavation or earthwork, and no modification of the natural circulation of water.

The biological structure of the flora and fauna are fully preserved and the forest is intact, strong and alive. Rain is collected to feed the natural watercourses and regenerate the site. The waters are pristine, preserved and teeming with fish.

During your stay, you can move around on foot, on a bicycle or with an electric vehicle. If you are silent enough you can even meet deers and other animals on your way.

Their restaurants offer delicious local and seasonal products, for a balanced and healthy menu with a low carbon footprint. 

We’ve tested and approved them! How does it sound? A team meeting with fun activities, dinner and party? Call us for more info.