We love Iceland

Did you know you can see the Northern lights from September to April? We were lucky to see them every time we went up North. Not a single word can describe the exciting thrill you feel when spotting a hint of green hue in the dark sky. It's simply magical!

One of our favorite spots to watch this phenomenal gift of nature is in Iceland. It’s a mystical island full of surprises. One of our colleagues is a true expert on this destination - we actually believe she secretly wants to live there.




So what do you think… Can you see yourself going on an insane supertruck ride through the wild rivers and magnificent snow white landscapes to then stop at a fantastic remote mountain hut? There we can even invite a guitar player to sing along to some golden songs and have fun! 

One time we managed to get 30 CEO's to dress up in funny onesie pyjamas - true story - celebrating together  ...in a remote mountain cabin. We had the venue all to ourselves for an unforgettable night. They even went out for a midnight swim in a private HotSpring near the river. It's these moments we live for, where we connect and that create incredible memories for life!

Unfortunately we cannot share these crazy pictures. You’ll have to take our word for it. But we surely do have these images sealed onto our retinas.