Israel, the start up nation

As you may know, we do more than fun incentives, we also organise more serious business trips.

Next on our planning is taking 30 CEOs from diverse industries to Tel Aviv, Israel, widely known as the “Start-up Nation.”

Israel has faced many difficulties. Despite - or perhaps thanks to - these challenges, it has emerged as a remarkable leader in the hi-tech industry. With an impressive number of start-up companies per capita, Israel's technological advancements raise intriguing questions: How did this nation achieve such extraordinary success, overcoming economic adversity in just a matter of years? What factors have contributed to its phenomenal success? What notable achievements have they attained? The group will discover it all thanks to exciting interactive visits to start up and scale ups that made Israel’s outstanding reputation. This of course, closed off with some local culinary delights.


One of those revolutionising companies is Watergen. They ingeniously produce water from air, making water accessible even in the most dry regions. Israel is also renowned for its groundbreaking lab-grown meat. All these amazing advancements were created by inspiring people we’ll be able to meet in person.

Together, we create a program that caters to all your requirements, we take pride in customising your trips and incorporating exclusive visits aligned with your unique strategy, ensuring an enriching and memorable experience that leaves a lasting impact.