Disconnect to reconnect

We had the honour to host neurologist Dr Inge Declerck from UZ Antwerp at one of our events. 

Her speach: Disconnect to Reconnect©

As you all know our motto is "Time to reconnect", so of course, we immediately felt inspired.

She eloquently emphasised how, in the midst of hectic times, the right to disconnect holds significant importance. Unveiling several compelling facts and figures concerning disconnection and its profound impact on overall health, she shed light on the captivating workings of neuroscience.

This insightful journey explored the ways of brainfunction and body during periods of (dis)connection, providing valuable insights into its implications and identifying crucial "red flags." She essentially underscored the crucial role of sleep, rest and leisure in maintaining a harmonious and stress-free existence.

Dr Inge Declerck

As MaX, we are deeply committed to assisting in the art of disconnection, offering a nurturing space for your team members to de-stress and rediscover themselves and others.

Moreover, including an inspiring speaker in your event brings an added value to your program. We have the ability to organise such enriching experiences, wherever in the world you envision your event.