VertigO goes classic

A musical marvel

VertigO Events orchestrated an extraordinary experience by bringing in a renowned conductor for a special corporate event. He/She first delved into the different tasks, objectives and the significance of the conductors’ role within a musical ensemble. He then also drew fascinating parallels between being a conductor leading an orchestra and being a CEO leading a company in the corporate world. This left the audience with an innovative and creative perspective on leadership and teamwork.

Following this insightful exchange, participants were offered a unique opportunity to take a step into the shoes of a musician by trying their hands at the art of playing the violin. Under the conductor's guidance, they diligently practiced for an hour. As the moment arrived for all 50 participants to seamlessly unite and perform a beautiful piece on their violins together, the beautiful harmony and auditory magic created by this collective effort left everyone in awe.

This mesmerizing event unfolded in the picturesque scenery of Waterloo, within the splendid confines of the magnificent Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, that absolutely enchanted the whole experience. This event left a lovely lasting impression, characterized by its uniqueness, vivacity, delightful surprises, interactivity, and an indelible sense of joy and camaraderie. For anyone interested in learning more about Vertigo’s upcoming events and experiences, please feel free to contact Pierre at