Versatile Prague


It is true that Prague may also have a reputation of being a party destination for relatively young tourists. But rest assured of the broad versatility of this city that offers all kinds of activities. Whether you are looking to organise a large kick off meeting or congress, or have a smaller incentive group of city trip lovers, culture enthusiasts or even the kicks and adrenaline type… there is definitely something for everyone. 

From a succulent food in a fancy restaurant and an enchanting boat trip on the Moldou river, to a high thrill tank driving trip and shooting skills perfectioning on an ex-Soviet shooting range… The possibilities are endless.

By the way, did you know they even have excellent wines over there too? We hit town with a group and took them to a wine tasting on a rooftop in the beautiful historic town of Prague.

As you can see above at the beginning of the article: Leslie clearly approves :-)