Oh hello there, how was summer?

We hope you had a well deserved break and that you found the time to relax and to share some good times with your family and loved ones. We too enjoyed our break and now we are ready to rock and roll again! Want to guess were we spent our summer? Join us in the guessing game you can find below.

But hey, what’s that sound? Could that be September knocking on our door?
It’s undeniable, business is picking up again!

Are you ready for it? I know we are!

Did you know that during busy times - as September, planning ahead can be a real time saver? Moreover, it’s the secret that will guarantee you a mind-blowing trip!

Let’s share our 8 cool tips for success. Here we go!

1. Preparation is everything

If you plan ahead, we can serve you the best-ever itinerary, making sure every detail is perfect.
Remember, we are your travel wizards and we’re here to help you create magical times.

2. Top choices

Want only the best of the best? Have a great head start by getting first pick in a wide range of awesome destinations, flights and accommodations. That means first choice, before anyone else.

3. Budget control

Early planning means we can score you sweet deals and discounts. More savings = more fun stuff during your trip. A win-win.

4. Smooth sailing

No last-minute rushes. No stressful surprises. With time on our side, we can anticipate unexpected changes and make sure everything runs silky smooth. Not a cloud in the sky.

5. Tailor-made
Your trip, your rules! Planning ahead allows us to provide you with a personalized experience that will tick all your boxes. No compromises here.

6. Lock those dates
Popular destinations fill up fast! Secure your place now, so you won't miss out on any hotspot.

7. Team excitement
Treat your team to something they can really look forward to. The early bird catches the worm and the early planner gets the buzz going!

8. Less stress, more fun
Early planning means you can sit back, relax, and count down the days to your epic adventure.

Bottom line, if you've got an incentive or seminar on the horizon, don't wait.
Instead, start planning now! We're here to make sure you’ll have the trip of a lifetime.

Here’s to planning ahead and endless adventures!