New year New inspiration

This new year brings us new inspiration. Let’s kick 2023 off with a brand-new newsletter to update you on all the things we do! From a little sneak peek behind our screens, to a new destination to discover, or some original activity we’d like to highlight and everything in between that you’ve always wanted to know about us as a team. You will find it all in our monthly newsletter, which you can also consult via our website.

The year 2023 took off in no time for us. It has been CRAZY. We’ve had several impressive projects in Europe, but also in Africa, the Middle East and all the way in the Caribbean. While last year started off a bit wobbly after “C” time, we can say that since September it has been very busy. Good for us and good for you too!

We are all in again, making it happen for your customers and your teams.  We’re receiving numerous new requests, sometimes on very short notice, sometimes well ahead of time. As we love creating exceptional experiences, the secret golden trick is very simple : the sooner, the better!

So what is hot and trending in 2023?

We've seen a rise in demand for European and Middle Eastern destinations with shorter travel times. Clients are looking for great value for their money.

Destinations vary between Italy, Portugal, Greece and places like Tel Aviv, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Dubai.

What are the 2023 challenges?

We’re facing quite a few different challenges. First with the decrease of staff working in the office, then with our subcontracting partners (airlines, hotels, DMCs), it has sometimes been more difficult to collaborate. Due to the current state of economic affairs and the ongoing war, rates are higher, fewer flights and destinations are offered. These are all crucial settings that we need to take into account when organizing a trip for you.

Regardless of the difficulties and the uncertainty, one thing is for sure: we are more than grateful to be back in the game! Back at doing what we love the most, bringing people together!

More than ever are we claiming our company’s motto: It is time to reconnect!