MaX & Vertigo working side-by-side

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Introducing Corinne and Pierre, esteemed members of the Vertigo team—familiar faces to some. Vertigo is our trusted partner for teambuilding and one-day events in Belgium, while we specialize in organizing events abroad. Both teams excel in crafting amazing experiences within the MICE sector (which stands for Meetings-Incentives-Conventions-Events).

Embracing the new trend of remote work and efficient office spaces, we gracefully downsized. This has led us to "co-housing" with Vertigo for a few months and we have now recently joined forces. Planning is our forte, and we allow us to seamlessly navigate this transition with expertise.

“Through our collaboration with MaX, we embark on a rewarding journey of teambuilding excellence. Together, we create engaging experiences that unite teams, fuel motivation, and foster a positive spirit”, as expressed by Pierre Cuvelier, Vertigo's co-partner.

The joy of camaraderie fills our shared offices, meeting room, and kitchen with our new "neighbours."

What's in it for you? The convenience of finding two exceptional partners under the same roof! Seamlessly access engaging possibilities tailored to your unique requirements.