MAX Philosophy - take one step back

At MaX, we like to take the time to reflect and philosophise about life in general, and more specifically: the next unforgettable trip we’re setting up for you! Preferably with a glass of wine in one hand, then again somehow we’ll always just end up with a quick snack sitting over our laptops ;-)

We do love to take the time to pause and take a step back. We love being the facilitators of challenging experiences, moments of wellbeing, candid encounters, deeper engagement and lots of interactions and connections between people.

Rather than only increasing sales performances, our truest aim is to create a new sense of purpose in the art of incentive travel. Now more than ever, it’s about reconnecting people that have been driven apart for far too long over the past few years.

People who feel connected and enjoy working together will perform better in the long term!


Therefore we focus our intentions on offering many kinds of different destinations to create experiences full of authenticity and genuine emotions.

A good example is ... to go out and explore the Lofoten region in Norway, where we can stay in charming traditional fishermans houses and enjoy slow moments of contemplation.

Another option is to take you to the Alentejo region In Portugal where we invite guests to meet locals and discover authentic, rural, non-touristy places.

Embracing contrast and surprises!

We know your guests love comfort and the finer things in life. So we invite them to stay in a five star luxury property but also enjoy some real streetfood and mingle with the locals afterwards. Next day go to the opera and learn to play an instrument by a bonfire on the beach…

Switching things up and creating contrasting surprises that guarantee an “unforgettable” moment.

We think of our programs as a movie script or a piece of music. Every scene and partition needs to match and merge together effortlessly to create a great yet unique story that will fit our guest.

After all these years, we keep on scripting exceptional experiences that we gratefully bring to life with the help of our amazing worldwide network of collaborators. We are blessed to work closely with many such awesome collaborators. They are people who inspire us, with whom inspiration ignites passion, with whom passion is contagious. We always manage to pull the right strings in order to find the right person we can trust. We’re very proud to involve all these beautiful souls that we’ve gotten to know around the world

Guess what else we did, we met up with the mayor of a beautiful Greek town and convinced him to allow us to stay with the inhabitants for 2 nights. Eat, drink , sleep and connect in the truest sense of the word with the locals.

We could also build a desert camp in the Sahara, involving the locals to help us setting up all the infrastructure and have a renowned astronomer tell us everything there is to know about the Big Bang. To then end the night by attending a dinner party lit by just 5000 candles in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes miracles do happen, more so as we make them!

The new luxury would be a remote experience, away from everything but in the same trip we could also have a dinner prepared by a Michelin star chef, or a musical performance brought by a great artist … as long as the script is fitting the needs, the audience, the expectations.

It is important for us to customise and personalise the experience to your needs!

And if you’re still reading this, we’re sure you too are inspired by now!

Let’s see how we can challenge ourselves to create your next unbelievable trip!