Ibiza is all about vibes and energy

The first reason is most certainly its location. Travelling from Brussels to Ibiza, will require not more than an easy 2.5 hours flight. Relatively quick and easy, you immediately find yourself in a completely different environment. The airport has a reasonable size and is super convenient. Plus, it’s such a small island that within the hour upon arrival, you are ready to rock the island.

Ibiza has it all!

Ibiza is known worldwide for its international clubs and events. From the big clubs to small parties in unique locations, you can party non-stop, all night long. It has many beaches and beautiful bays. The water is clear and beautifully blue! Yet there is much more to discover and that's where we come in to bring your experience to the next level.

We will show you the hidden gem beaches and organise the most exclusive private lunches in breathtaking locations, letting you taste the most exquisite authentic products. We’ll create the perfect set up and get in touch with the local artists. Speaking of which, have you ever dreamed of DJ workshop?

Aside from its very high-end, luxurious and sometimes flashy places, Ibiza is also home to a wide spread, free flowing and open-minded hippie community. Sant Carles harbours one of the oldest hippie markets in the world. A heaven of delight, colours, good vibes and positive energy. Take a retro car and experience the Ibiza hippy family life. 

Still, why choose between the bohemian hippie or fancy jetsetter? Why not get the best of both worlds and have a taste of all things the island has to offer. We mix and match your trip to your liking and shake up the perfect cocktail just for you!

To top it off, you can only eat incredibly delicious food in Ibiza, many restaurants are located in awesome places with insane views and revelling atmospheres! Also, you can never leave the island without enjoying a beautiful sunset. There’s just something so magical about them. Let's have a celebratory djembe session to the rhythm of the island as the sun goes down. Over there they say “La magia existe”.

So believe us when we say that Ibiza is the answer to many questions. Yes this is very serious life advice ;-)