Let's have a drink together

Summer is in town

Which calls for some deliciously fresh cocktails with friends and loved ones. The perfect set up for a cosy team gathering on a beautiful sunny terrace near our dear offices.

Sharing is caring and it has brought people together since the beginning of time. It’s how we make new friends, nurture existing relationships, celebrate our milestones, mend our differences and experience a sense of gratitude for the abundance of life.

Wining and dining side by side positively is one of the most central aspects of our trips. From cooking classes, to wine tastings and breaking bread with locals. Food brings our guests together and turns strangers into new friends one just hadn’t met yet.

As good food is the one thing that never fails to bring people together, chances are, your favourite food or dish has somewhat of a connection to someone, somewhere you know and cherish. It doesn’t matter where you come from, how you grew up or what experiences you have access to, the emotions and communal feelings that come from sharing food and drinks are universal.

To celebrate this simple joy of life, we find ourselves to be in quite a generous mood!

Write us an email with the magical codewords "my favourite drink is the ..." and we will happily send you a set of organic straws you can use for all your drinks, all summer long.

Obviously we had to test these out for you (see picture :-) ) and we are sold on them!