Happiness is cooking together

Socializing at work makes you more productive

This is not a story about food. It's a story about reconnecting team members. We recently read an article on Gallup about productivity at work. Did you know that 57% say that having a best friend makes their job more enjoyable? Add to that the 32% of employees who say that having a best friend at work makes them more productive and the 22% that feel inspired to be more creative.

Finding friendship in the workplace can have a significant influence on the employee’s wellbeing. Having a friend, a partner or an ally at work can help navigate one’s experience at work and manage the higher stress levels, more so than without such a person to exchange and have conversations with.

We are here to fuel those moments, to foster an environment where people can (re)connect with each other. A simple yet great example is to cook together, there is something about having such delicate fun and childlike laughs whilst preparing a meal that people can share together as a team.

For the record: The mere act of laughter triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters known to enhance mood, while simultaneously activating brain regions that amplify productivity. A study revealing a remarkable 12% surge in work output when one is in a positive state. A sense of satisfaction and self-fulfillment leads to more work done in less time.

Isn’t that awesome?