Guess where we were?

Are you ready to play a little guessing game? Our amazing team had a blast during their holiday and we're dropping some hints on their whereabouts. Take a look at these vibrant drink pics above – they'll give you a taste of our awesome adventure!

No, we’re not spilling the beans just yet. But we do have a little teaser to point you in the right direction: think sunshine, stunning views and a whole lot of fun. Can you guess where we sipped these delicious drinks? It's a place that brings a smile to your face, has a relaxed vibe and leaves you with unforgettable memories to cherish.

Put on your detective hat and take your best guess! Be the first to send us the right countries we’re looking for and we’ll get you a cool surprise.

Cheers to some guessing fun,

Tina, Pascale and Leslie

Wine Relax