"Goeie dag" from Cape Town

We love Cape Town! Want to know why?
Easy, Cape town has it all! From the clear blue skies, the stunning views, to the lush grapevines and the cutest African penguins on Boulders Beach! Whenever we step foot in South Africa with a group, everyone seems to instantly start daydreaming of owning a colonial house that overlooks their personal vineyards, napping in the shade with their cat. (By the way, so do we!)

It is also striking to note that Cape Town has been ranked as the most sustainable city in Africa as they’ve invested in cleaner public transport, a network of cycle lanes, and renewable energy. We do not mean to greenwash you but wouldn't it be lovely if we could all continue to enjoy the marvels of nature in the long run?

On top of that, healthy green spaces mean plenty of room to grow yummy organic food and a steady rise in the number of farmer’s markets means plenty of options to buy local. In for a farm-to-table, (or as we like to call it “farm-to-fork”) -style dinner? Top it off with a glass of wine! We’ll take care of it all, including the reusable water bottles. Treat your team or customers to an unforgettable trip with delicious healthy food and memories for life!