Costa Navarino: the hidden gem

A well-kept secret

Nestled in an idyllic locale, Costa Navarino remains a well-kept secret, treasured by those who seek its charms. While its accessibility may not be immediate, the journey to this extraordinary destination is well worth it. Just a four-hour drive from Athens or a mere one hour from the regional airport in Kalamata, it invites us to embark on a private charter tailored for your group.

Exquisite 5-star hotels from prestigious brands like Mandarin Oriental, Westin, and Luxury Collection have adorned this paradise, and its pristine white sandy beaches. The backdrop is covered with sprawling Kalamata olive groves, creating a landscape of unrivaled beauty.

Recently, an exclusive group of VIPs visited the splendors of Costa Navarino. Elegant activities awaited them each day, including opulent lunches in secluded spots or picnics amidst olive groves and private beachside luncheons. 

As daylight transformed into starlit evenings, we celebrated with themed nights, painting unforgettable memories.

Picture a Greek evening overflowing with authentic, generous cuisine and divine local wines. Ouzo flows abundantly as people dance the Sirtaki, instantly transporting you into the captivating world of "Zorba the Greek." Throw in hearty laughter and put on a charming blue and white outfit, and the festivities will ignite.

Did you know?

We have a dedicated photographer we can accompany you on your next trip. He can capture all those special moments and send them to all your customers. Souvenirs for life!

Top it off with the well-known Greec hospitality and their cheerful way of living and we guarantee you a successful trip!