Building bridges

At our core, we are "bridge builders," revitalizing relationships through immersive travel and extraordinary encounters.

Today we share with you a glimpse of a program we are crafting for a client. The bridges on the picture above can be found in Norway, our latest haven of choice for creating unique experiences. 

With its stunning coastline, the northwest of Norway is home to eight small islands, connected by 8 bridges. Therefore one can easily cruise from one place to the other. The most famous one is the Atlantic Road, which has been featured in the latest James Bond movie, No Time to Die (2021).

Our three-day program takes off in Alesund, a magnificent Art Nouveau city surrounded by the ocean, fjords and mountains.

Obviously, some outdoor leisure time has to be part of our trip. While we won't disclose all the details just yet, the one thing we’ll share is that we will sail off towards one of the most beautiful fjords of Norway and spend the night in remote fishermen’s cottages.

This destination is full of breathtaking views, fresh seafood coming straight from the fishermen’s boats onto the plates, and plenty of healthy moments of downtime to unwind and relax with the team.

We’ll then round up the trip with some Jazz music in Molde. This lovely little fjord city can be found between some of Fjord Norway’s most famous attractions, and offers an attractive combination of a soulful atmosphere and wonderful views.